Saturday, February 7, 2009

A trivia quiz excerpt...

Back in 2007, I included the following question on a trivia quiz on the classic comics forum:
7. Jim Aparo drew many covers for DC. Mark “yes” or “no” indicating whether he did or did not draw at least one cover for each of these series:

a. Flash
b. Weird War Tales
c. Weird Mystery Tales
d. Legion of Super-Heroes
e. Showcase
f. Secrets of Haunted House
g. Metal Men
i. Robin II
k. Green Arrow
l. Ghosts
m. DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest
n. Limited Collectors Edition

In previous installments here, we've seen that you should answers "yes" to (a) Flash and (d) Legion of Super-Heroes...but can you answer the rest of them correctly?


  1. I'll give it a shot.
    a. Yes
    b. Yes
    c. No
    d. Yes
    e. Yes
    f. No
    g. Yes
    i. No
    k. No
    l. Yes
    m. Yes
    n. Yes