Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grooviest Cover Artist of All Time?

Our pal, the Groovy Agent, has tallied the results of his poll for Favorite Groovy Age Cover Artist, and the winner is...
(Not much of a surprise, is it?)
GA's spotlighting a few of his favorites over there at his highly-recommended blog.
In celebration, I'm posting one of my favorites, the relatively unknown cover of DC's Weird Mystery Tales #4:
This one appeals to me not just because of the nifty composition and the great coloring, but I love that tentacle-waving monster, being a big Lovecraft fan myself! I make up a really cool story to go along with this one, mixing Cthulhu mythos with earthy crime...I bet my story's better than the one in this comic (I have a copy, but I don't remember if there's actually a cover-related story in this issue...we all know how often these spooky comic covers were unrelated to anything inside.

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